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Representative project for

Folding-deck pool cover system

This project was done in Florida America in 2022.
When cover closed it’s same level with floor.
No one will know it’s a swim from outlook.
And it’s strong enough to stand people, even park cars.
When cover open it’s a clean swim pool.

Representative project for

Sliding-deck pool cover system


This project was done in Nattheim Germany in 2022.

We can put chairs and table on the deck cover.

When the cover closed, it can be floor.

When cover open, we can swim and have a rest on the deck chairs.



Technical Advantages

We have the top technology for hard pool cover, retractable pool floor, sliding pool deck, foldable pool floor...etc . Our products include whole pool cover system.

Experience Advantage

We have more than 17 years projects experience.The products sold to more than 40 countries in the world.Accompany the projects experiences, our technology developed much too.

Service Advantage

Accompany with Bree’s growing, we have many distributors in the worlds . Who can service the clients from pool building to pool cover finished. 


Product Customization

Our cover system can be customized according to the actual characteristics of the pool and the individual needs of customers.



Product Answer

Bree has professional staff to answer customers' questions about material selection, design, price and other related products.



Category Selection

We can make the cover system with the highest degree of integration with the pool according to the different structure and size of the pool.



Decoration Selection

We can design corresponding decoration materials according to the changes of the environment around the pool in order to pursue a beautiful and suitable pool cover system .



Offer Solutions

Bree team can design multiple sets of product solutions for customers to choose from, to meet customers' various considerations.



Product Installation

Bree products are installed on-site by professional technical manufacturing team, for your product service and product experience escort.